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Why to use our Organic Carpet Cleaning method?
Over 20 million homes in USA contain unsafe amounts of dust allergens? Because of that people suffer from asthma, allergies and other conditions. You can count on us to dig into the problem and take all dirt out.
Call Metro Carpet Cleaning McLean VA technician to come to your place and steam clean your carpet with Organic products. Make your carpet again fresh, clean and healthy.
Do your Organic Carpet Cleaning today. Go on Promotions page use one of our current specials!!

Organic Upholstery Cleaning

Removing spots or dirt from surface of your furniture is not hard job. But, most of dirt, germs, bacteria and allergens are beneath the surface. Try Metro Carpet Cleaning McLean VA powerful organic deep upholstery cleaning process in spray ON vacuum OFF procedure. Let our Organic products make your furniture clean and disinfected. Do organic cleaning on your sofa, love seat, chair or any other piece of furniture in your home.

Organic Area Rugs Cleaning

You do have lovely wool Persian rug that your pet used for his own needs, or your guest spill wine on it! Dont worry about that any more. Metro Carpet Cleaning McLean VA stuff will come and take your rug. 7 to 10 days after you will have your rug back, with wool softer, shiner and cleaner than ever. Using our organic solutions we will neutralize odor and spots from your gorgeous carpet.
Call as NOW to get special for Organic Rug Cleaning in your home or let our team come and do estimate and take your rug on detail deep organic cleaning in our warehouse.

Organic Lather Furniture Polishing (cleaning)

Every day use of your leather furniture makes leather oily, sticky and very dark, especially on corners. Metro Carpet Cleaning McLean VA Organic leather polishing process will make your furniture be as a new again, leather clean, shiny and soft with new leather smell again.
Metro Carpet Cleaning McLean VA will do organic leather cleaning and when job is done ask our technicians about tips for keep that leather clean.

Organic Mattress Cleaning

One third of our lives we spend sleeping. And most common place for that is our mattress. Can you just imagine how much body liquid and other body dirt are deeply soak into the mattress. Plus regular dirt and dust, and most dangerous dust mites.
Try our powerful Organic deep mattress cleaning and sleep again without any fear.

Your child couldnt wake up on time and had accident on your new expensive mattress. Dont gave up your hope. Call Metro Carpet Cleaning McLean VA and we will extract liquid, remove odor and disinfect your mattress. With only 1 organic cleaning process your mattress will be new and clean as before.

Pet Stain Treatment

Our lovely pets sometimes can be a big headache for us, especially when they are young. Problems with pet stains are not only visual. Odor is our enemy #1. Pet Urine penetrate deep into the carpet, reaching padding, and then just surface cleaning dont have any effect. Metro Carpet Cleaning McLean VA provide convenience service: Organic Deep Cleaning with Sanitize and Disinfect of Pet Stains areas. Goal is to extract urine as much as we can with deep cleaning process and then with process of Sanitize and Disinfect to neutralize minor odor that may come from padding.
Organic solutions that Metro Carpet Cleaning McLean VA use has Pet Safe, Non Toxic materials.

Fire and Water damage

Biggest problems after fire damage are ash and smoke odor in your carpet. Metro Carpet Cleaning McLean VA have strong organic deep cleaning process that will successfully remove ash from your carpet and solutions that will neutralize smoke odor from fabrics.

Your drain pump stop working or your water heater got broken. These are two most common problems that cause water damage.
Metro Carpet Cleaning McLean VA specialized team will extract water from your carpet and padding, set up equipment to dry carpet, padding and walls, disinfect fabrics, and when all work is done, do organic shampooing of the carpet.

Carpet and Area Rugs Repair

Your carpet is babbled, you need stretching, no problem. Burns from cigars, as well. Or you need new carpet or padding. In less than hour we will stretch your carpet, less than 15 minutes burn damage would be taken care of, and in only few hours new carpet could be installed in 1200 sqft apartment.
Metro Carpet Cleaning McLean VA technicians will do fast and reliable job. Dont aloe your land lord or leasing office to charge you for carpet replacing if you have small damage on carpet.
Call us now to help you.

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