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Fire and Water Damage Restoration

Biggest problems after fire damage are ash and smoke odor in your carpet. Metro Carpet Cleaning McLean VA have strong organic deep cleaning process that will successfully remove ash from your carpet and solutions that will neutralize smoke odor from fabrics.

Your drain pump stop working or your water heater got broken. These are two most common problems that cause water damage.
Metro Carpet Cleaning McLean VA specialized team will extract water from your carpet and padding, set up equipment to dry carpet, padding and walls, disinfect fabrics, and when all work is done, do organic shampooing of the carpet.

$100 OFF on Flood Emergency Service

$100 OFF for entire process of flood emergency service: water extraction from carpet, disinfect and sensitization of carpet, carpet drying, carpet shampooing.

If you have flood problem, call now, do not wait! 24/7 emergency service available!

(202) 600-6060